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Design With Purpose

Every website should be designed with purpose - it's not enough to just look pretty. We try to design every site with clear objectives that help the user achieve their goals as quicky and easily as possible.

Mobile Responsive

All Rabbit websites are responsive. This means that they change shape to fit the device they're being viewed on, giving the user the best possible experience. From widescreen desktops to the phone in your pocket. No more squint, pinch and zoom.

Thinking Ahead

We build websites with the future in mind. We believe it's unfair to create websites that will be quickly dated by their design or technology. While it's extremely difficult to predict trends or movements, solid design principles and dependable technologies are easy to adapt.

CMS - WordPress

Rabbit Web Design can give you control of your own content, including uploading your own images in just a few clicks. We use the the very popular WordPress CMS, and provide all our clients with WordPress tutorials at the end of the project along with ongoing support.

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